ABC Press Release: Getaway Magazine


In an industry where magazine numbers have been struggling to maintain, it’s exciting to be able to tell a good news story. We’re thrilled to announce that South Africa’s oldest travel magazine, Getaway, has not only maintained it’s circulation figures, but has slowly and steadily increased its numbers in the last three ABC quarters to reach 42 420, it’s total circulation figure for the period from Jan – March 2016. This is an increase of 2,3% from the previous quarter (Oct-Dec 2016), in which it achieved 41 465.

The magazine’s steady growth is a coup in its sector, with a 17.2% increase year on year for total circulation. Add this to our ever-increasing online audience, now for the first time ABC audited at 431 104 monthly page impressions and 88 936 newsletter subscribers, a significant audience to reach from a communication strategy.

The reason for its success, says editor Sonya Schoeman, is a strong and steady focus on strong content and design. ‘With every issue, we ask ourselves four primary questions: have we featured enough affordable getaways close to home; does the issue have enough exciting destinations further afield for people to dream about; do we have entertaining stories; and is there enough eye-candy to make flipping through the mag a pleasure? We feel we’re beginning to anticipate what our readers are looking for. And every issue, we just aim to do that better and better. We’re hoping our readers are experiencing that too.

We think they are.’ She adds that the team is strong, and the brand has great goals for growth. ‘We feel Getaway is getting into a strong stride, and we aim to reestablish the brand as South Africa’s go-to source for travel information for adventurous, open-minded travellers.’

Editor: Sonya Schoeman, Getaway magazine
Twitter: @SonyaSchoeman

The facts:
2016 Q1 ABC total circulation: 42 420

2,3% increase over the previous quarter (Q4 2015)

17,2% increase year on year (Q1 2015)

ABC audited monthly page impressions:  431 104

July 2015 – Sept 2015: 39 259

Oct 2015 – Dec 2015: 41 465